Understanding responsible drinking


Beverages containing alcohol are often associated with sharing, pleasure, unwinding, and socialising. 
However, there are times when drinking at all, or too much can be risky to you or to others.


Key Facts

Moderation by numbers: 

Specific recommendations have been 
developed for men and women in 
a number of EU countries...

What is in a spirit drink?

Learn about the agricultural raw materials, the distillation process, ingredients and nutritional values...

What is a standard 
drink of alcohol ?

2 drinks for women and 3 for men 
constitutes a low-risk consumption 
but what is a “ standard drink”? 

You want to monitor 
your calorie intake?

Understand how to assess 
calories in alcoholic 


Tips and Tricks

Tips on how to make sure your drinking experience is one to remember and not one to forget.


Country Information

Click on the list of countries next to the map to access national websites providing 
you with further information and interactive tools in your own language



About us


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