What's in a spirit drink

The distillation process transforms the agricultural raw materials (such as grapes, other fruit, sugar-cane, molasses, potatoes, cereals, etc.) to such an extent that they are no longer found in the final product: a vodka made from potatoes does not contain potatoes; a rum made from molasses does not contain molasses.

The case is slightly different for more complex spirits, including liqueurs. While the alcohol does not contain its raw materials, liqueurs have a minimum sugar requirement and they, and other spirits use flavourings and additives.

As a result, many categories of spirits do not contain fat, saturates, carbohydrates, sugar, protein or salt and the energy value comes from its alcohol (ethanol) . There are 7 calories in one gram of ethanol

Let’s take the examples of vodka and rum and look further into ingredients and nutritional values as well as their production processes