How many calories in your favourite drink?

The calories contained in alcoholic beverages mainly come from ethanol (alcohol).  There are 7 calories in 1g of ethanol

We remind you that women should not exceed 2 drinks per day (20g of ethanol), and men 3 drinks per day (30g of ethanol) whichever drink you choose. Here is an indication of how many calories there are in the main drinks:


Calories for drinks containing about 10g of ethanol 

However, alcohol beverages are served and sold across Europe in measures frequently other than 10g of ethanol in a drink.  In addition, some spirits drinks (such as liqueurs) have by definition a certain quantity of sugar.  Similarly, the soft drinks and ingredients you choose to add will impact the total calorie intake.


Calories (Kcal) in a random selection of commonly served drinks

A glass of spirits drink is never consumed by 100ml!  This would exceed the low-risk drinking guidelines and therefore 100ml cannot be considered as a unit of reference to inform consumers on calories for spirits.